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April 24, 2008

It’s quickly returning to (one of) my favorite time(s) of year on campus. Heck, I like all times of year, but spring on a college campus just seems kind of magical.

Yesterday was sunny and quite warm. I love that there are always people outside when it’s like that. The quad was full of people (partially because a frat was holding a fundraiser in which they shaved people’s heads!) just hanging out. I got a chance to play frisbee myself and relaxed outside with some of my residents

Today is rather cloudy, but very springy in a relaxed way. I got out of class early this morning so I walked the long way home. The (de)construction is in full swing – the field house had a large part of the middle missing and metal frame was being installed for the atrium of the new rec center. All this construction makes me kind of sad in a fond way, and hopeful for all the new things to come!

I’m at the lovely tennis court now. Layne came over with me earlier and after semi-working out, we talked about life. I love that she approaches everything in a hopeful, idealistic kind of way. She asked me what I was *really* passionate about. I know I love travel, Hawaii, the Cubs, working at the park district…She has a way of making those things really seem like possible careers.

It’s starting to rain, so possibly time to go home. More later.

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