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July 14, 2008

Remember when I chose goals for myself? (Obviously, you do, as it was my last entry)

I’ve completed the first of those goals! Woooooo! On Saturday night I participated in the McDonald’s L.A.T.E. (Long After Twilight Ends) Ride in the lovely Chicago. It was a really neat time – 25 miles through Greek Town (lots of drunks during last call), some neighborhood where a man walked into the street not wearing pants, and along the beautiful lake shore! Highlights include: seeing a girl wipeout only about a mile into the ride (I’m a little saddistic, alas), counting Starbucks that we saw (5), my friend’s mom not noticing the completely road rashed guy sitting in the First Aid tent at the rest stop πŸ™‚ , and sort of almost seeing the sunrise along the lake shore (the whole of which I was not allowed to stop for, but honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to get back on my bike…).

It was a wonderful time, and I’m so glad I got to experience it – especially with the kind and highly entertaining people that I did. Pictures to come!

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