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October 14, 2008

I’m back at school from the “break” (read: long weekend) at home. It was wonderful to go home – I got to destress from school craziness, lounge around my house, go hiking, and even take in the Chicago Marathon! But as my break was *so* relaxing, I got nearly nothing done at home school-wise.  I was counting on this weekend to catch up on all the stuff I have to do…

The weekend really was awesome though. I saw Sarah on Friday night. Saturday my parents and I went hiking at a forest preserve and then for a walk at the Botanical Gardens.  There were TONS of wedding parties at the Gardens! Which of course lead my mother to talk about how we could talk about having pictures there…after I start dating someone. Bah. My seemingly perpetual singledom is frustrating to me, but does she need to remind me of it?

On Sunday Mark and I went to the Chicago Marathon to cheer on Jason, who is on our staff. 

Jason running at Mile 21. Doesn’t he look in good spirits?

I’ve never been to the Marathon before, but it was an awesome environment. We got to see the wheelchair participants and so many other people running. There’s something uplifting about the endurance of the mind and body, for people to be able to run 26.2 miles. It was really something to see. I am definitely adding running a marathon to my life list.

The huge crowds of people at the Marathon? Not quite as enjoyable…

Now that I’m back at school I’m sitting in the library, trying so hard not to procrastinate. My senior project is in full swing, so I need to be writing for that. I also have a take home test that I’m not exactly sure when it’s due. Need to get on all of this…

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