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October 31, 2008

It has become apparent the more and more I ride my bike that American drivers need to retake drivers education. En masse. Before you turn look left. And then *right*. That one seems hard for Peoria drivers to remember. And remember crosswalks? I find it hard to, as they are so often covered by vehicles, impatiently waiting to pass that stop sign, to turn right on red. I was almost hit again today as I was passing in front of a car dealership. The man driving was pulling out to take a right, about to completely cover the sidewalk. I screamed at him, like I have never done before.

It’s moments like those that I question riding my bicycle to work – do I value my fitness, my wallet, the environment over my safety? In the end, my answer is always yes. As I watch gas prices steadily go down, I am inspired by this quote from the dad in “Calvin & Hobbes:”

Cyclists have a right to the road, too, you noisy, polluting, inconsiderate maniacs! I hope gas goes up to eight bucks a gallon!

If only Peoria were like European cities, where gas is taxed so much that citizens felt compelled to ride, or at least take public transportation. But, alas, a girl can dream, right?

Calvin and Hobbes
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