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The job market IS NOT hopeless!

December 31, 2008

I met with one of my mom’s friends today to talk about my job search.  So far this search has consisted of me going to the school job fair (bleh.), applying to jobs online (easy, I suppose, but even more bleh.), and emailing people I know who might have contacts in industries I like.  The last one, according to What Color is Your Parachute, is more the way I should be going.  That’s why I think meeting with Carolyn was so good. Besides the fact she offered me hope.

I’m looking in the recreation, travel/hospitality, museum, and non-for-profit fields. Carolyn knows people/was able to think of people I could contact to look for jobs. Places I hadn’t even thought of looking. Like the Children’s Hospital.

I talked a lot about wanting to work with kids, but not teach, and yammered on…blah-blah-blah-wanting to help the community-cakes. She gave me ideas of questions to ask in interviews (like: What are the possibilities of advancement with this position?), and encouraged me to open my horizons about which positions I was looking into (as in, sales

But the big takeaways?

We’re all in sales at some point, whether you’re selling yourself or something else.

Whatever you end up doing, you can always learn from it.

Make the most of wherever you end up landing.

Overall, it made me realize there are more opportunities out there, if I only look for them. And it made me hopeful that I WILL find a job!

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