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January 16, 2009

It’s absolutely FREEZING here in Peoria. Yes, I’m back at school.  It’s nice to be back and surrounded by friends.  Unfortunately, today was – 7º F for our high temperature, and dangerously windy. And, of course, I went out in it…

I went out for lunch with friends to our favorite mexican restaurant, and had possibly the worst margarita ever. It just tasted…odd. We also made a trip to the teacher store to buy decorations for our floors.

Then this afternoon I was convinced to go to a dance class downtown at the rec center, which turned out to be so much fun! It cost $7 for the day pass, which seems exorbitant to me, as I only went to one class, but I’m tempted to buy a punch card once I start working again. I’m a rather bad dancer, but our teacher was vivacious! And the best part was, though I had forgotten, the Chicago Cubs Caravan was in town (which if you don’t know, is essentially where they take the Cubs Convention on the road, and you can meet players and have them sign things…)!!!!!

Obviously I didn’t have tickets to that, but you could see players from the running track. I ran around taking pictures with my friend’s IPhone, so I’ll try to post them. The only player I could see well enough to recognize was Jeff Samardzija. I also think Ryne Sandburg was there, though I couldn’t see him. Even so, it was very exciting!

The other awesome thing about my day was that I got not one, but TWO  emails offering me interviews for full-time jobs!  Over winter break I had intended to apply for a job a day, which of course did not end up happening, so I have recently been not too optimistic about my job prospects. Or at least really nervous to apply places.  I mean, because being a grown-up, or at least trying to be…is scary business!  But I’ve been asked by both a bank and a cruise line to interview for full-time positions.  If I interview with the bank, this will be my second interview with the company!  I’m finally feeling like an almost grown-up!

Also odd, the cruise line wants to interview me over Skype. I know skype, and relatively how to use it, but I’ve just never heard of it being used for interviews. And we’ve (some of my friends at school and I) been using skype a lot in the past couple of days talking to a new friend from England, which is also very entertaining. The thing I’m most amused by is that the same as we find english accents attractive, he finds American accents attractive. We’re so used to our accents that they are not interesting, but to him they are a novelty!

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