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The Interview! ºoº

April 20, 2009

I had my interview for WDWCP on Friday morning. The logistics were tough – I was on my way to St. Louis, and was waiting for my train in Bloomington/Normal. When I got to the train station (7:15a), it was FULL of loud, boisterous Cubs and Cards fans taking the train to Chicago for the game. I was very nervous that I would be unable to find a quiet corner to receive my phone call, but all the fans left on the 7:35a train.

Tiffany called at 8:23a, which was three minutes after my scheduled time. Not a big deal, because I had nowhere to be, but my heart was pounding by the time my phone rang! She went through a bunch of basic questions first: if I’d seen the e-presentation, what was my confirmation code, was I over 18, did I have tattoos, was I applying for fall or fall advantage (I said fall, but I would do either), etc. Then we got down to the important stuff!

First she asked me why I wanted to work for Disney. She asked me what I considered my best job, to which I said camp. I told her my job responsibilities from camp. She asked what I would define customer service as and what challenges I would face in moving to Florida (I said moving away from my family, but I was positive about it, saying that I was excited about seeing somewhere new and experiencing new things.).

Then she asked me about a bunch of the roles I had checked off in my application. Did I have lifeguard or swim team experience? How did I feel about the physical challenges of housekeeping? About cleaning up to 18 rooms/day? (As an RA, I clean up after my residents quite a bit) How would I make a difference in Main Entrance Operations, where I am the first person a guest sees? (Smile!) Did I have cash handling experience? (No) How do I feel about working in the outdoors? Giving lengthy presentations? (I pushed my experience in giving presentations at the Museum!)

She asked me a few more hypothetical questions…If I was working at Space Mountain and a boy who was too short to ride wanted to, what would I do? Thankfully, I had read Brenna’s lj about her interview, and this had been one of her questions. So I had actually thought about what I’d do. She also asked me a question about working in Merchandise, and what experience I had in multitasking.

Overall, I think it went pretty well, even though it felt kind of short (it was only 15 minutes). But I figure they have this selection process down to a science. I was told that I should hear in 3-4 weeks (WEEKS!), which seems painstakingly long. But I’m excited and I think, especially because I checked so many roles (14), that I have a better chance. So I’ll cross my fingers, and keep imagining, until I get that pretty purple envelope in the mail!

Also, I mentioned to my interviewer that I was en route to STL, and she recommended that I visit The Hill, because of the delicious italian food. And it turned out, Christine lives right by The Hill. We had both lunch and dinner there on my first day, and it was delicious!!

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