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Crazy close…

May 7, 2009

Wanna hear something scary? I picked up my graduation gown this morning. I know, right? The whole idea of it makes my impending graduation seem much more real! Also cool, seeing my sash thing (what are those called?) that I will wear because I am graduating MAGNA CUM LAUDE! Holler!

Everything is totally wrinkled, so I need to steam it up in the bathroom, but here’s my gown:
That’s one of my awesome residents, Jasmin, looking all creepsauce in the background…

Other things just with in reach: I received mail from WDW late last week. It was a scary white envelope, which did not contain a rejection letter, but a pending letter.

^The Scary Letter

It basically just means that they are still considering me, which is good, yes? I am supposed to hear by June 1st, so I will be anxiously waiting by the mailbox (both electronic and actual!).

Lots of studying and end of the year stuff to do, but I’ll try to post more!

It’s a beauuuutiful day, so go outside!

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