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So Simple, So Rewarding…

August 19, 2009

We all know, it’s a time of economic instability. All around us, media and hardships are reminding us that family is the most important thing, that things expensive and extravagant aren’t always the best. I read a wonderful article in last month’s Oprah magazine about a mother and daughter (re)reading the Little House on the Prarie Books together (, and how the books taught them about frugality and happiness. Read it, it was wonderful, especially, if you grew up reading the books!

I have been trying to cut back on expenses this summer (not extremely difficult, as I have been mainly unemployed and living with my parents :-/ ), and just today I rediscovered the coolest thing! Gardening! The Limes planted a few vegetables late spring, and I had more or less forgotten about them. Sure, I enjoyed eating the lettuce my mom picked, or occassionally remembered to water the garden. But today, some of the veggies were finally ready for picking!

2009 TomatoesThe beautiful tomatoes!

2009 CucumbersThe cucumbers! They have evil little spikes on them, and were all curled up weird…I was told from lack of watering?

I also took advantage of the nice day outside to air dry my laundry. Of course, to my mom, this was  crime against humanity. Though I like to remind her that Grandma used to do the exact same thing 50 years ago. And at least I was not airing out my dirty laundry 😉

Clean LaundryThe weird clothes hanging on the chair? My padded bike shorts 🙂

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