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T-Shirt Quilt, Part Deux

April 5, 2010

It feels as though it has been forever, but I am finally making progress on my t-shirt quilt. I have been telling myself to work on it, just a little bit each day. Which, of course, ends up being about once each week. (Y’know, the sort of promises I made to myself previously, which resulted in my working on the quilt about eveeeeery…two months?)

From Drop Box

(It mostly looks like this:

From Drop Box

I have come to notice that this is a problem. Me not finishing things. Often there has been a craft project that goes by the wayside, as I forget about it, or find my interest drawn in by something different. For a bit that was the case with the quilt – I got distracted by a new job, another new job, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, a potentially gorgeous granny square afghan (no, really!), some trips, and a bit of cooking (my own pasta?). So I guess life gets in the way.

From Drop Box

But really. I am going to get back to crafting, because as baseball season has now started, and idle hands + watching my Cubs flounder (I know it was only opening day. This is still next year!) = too much stress!

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