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Six Items or Less

July 24, 2010

I saw this six 6 Items or Less idea on television the other morning. The project is such a neat idea, as honestly, I rarely wear most of the clothing in my closet. They sit lonely, much like Buzz, Woody, and Andy’s other toys, in hopes that I will bring them out to play. In anticipation of moving out for the first time, do I really need to take all of this with me?

I immediately got to thinking – what would I choose to wear? A favorite pair of shorts come to mind, followed by a couple beloved tank tops. Another pair of shorts for work. It is plausible that I could wear only one shirt to work the entire month, and none of my co-workers – all male – would be the wiser. (After working there nearly 7 months, my GM told me the other day that something was different. “Are you wearing eyeliner?” he asked me. Yes. As I have been for 95% of the previous days I have worked at your store.) A pair of dress pants for outside sales and church. A cardigan. A jersey skirt, both casual and dressy. My new gray t-shirt. Er…what? You say that’s 10 items?

Thankfully, with time before the project starts again – it will reportedly start in late August – I have time to whittle down my list.

Check out the project, and maybe join me, at

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