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Snowpocalypse 2011

February 2, 2011

It’s been quite a whirlwind (literally) here in the Chicago suburbs. As I am sure you’ve heard, we’ve been socked with upwards of 20″ of snow. Sent home early from work yesterday and told not to come in today, Roommate and I embarked on lots of adventures within our four room apartment.

We filled last night with making Smitten Kitchen’s Tomato and Sausage Risotto. I’d never had risotto before, and was pretty skeptical about the concept. We didn’t fudge the recipe much, as R braved the beginning parts of the storm for the sake of groceries. We did use some really old wine, and cheap (read: almost expired) breakfast sausage in lieu of Italian sausage.

Risotto nearly done! Just add parmesan! Yummy looking, no?


We complimented our risotto with some red and these cool little glass markers!


Our morning view of outside

After getting the awesome news that I didn’t have to work today, I decided to make Smitten Kitchen’s German Pancakes for breakfast! They bombed as usual – stuck to the pan, the whole mess. Too ugly to photograph. – but they tasted good! I don’t know how Deb’s come out so perfect. Probably non-stick pans? And nearly immediately after we were done…our power went out.

Until the power came back on R and I played 1985’s best board game: Go For It. I kicked R’s ass!

Board game madness!

Eventually we got our power back, and we spent gobs of time shoveling. Our street was at a standstill all day, with plow trucks even getting stuck. Our alley has yet to be plowed, so I’m looking at at least another half day of no work. Tonight for dinner? Leftover chicken tacos and Jiffy cornbread! I’m getting really stir crazy, but it’s been so fun to actually have time to cook!

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