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Homemade Pizza

June 17, 2011

We received our first box of vegetables from our CSA this week. I forgot to take a picture – I promise to do so when we get our second one – but our veggies are beautiful! The box is chock full of greens – arugula, baby spinach, heads of lettuce – as well as broccoli and radishes and scallions, and basil and oregano! I’m definitely challenging myself to eat new things here, and I am looking forward to this challenge.

Faced with all these fresh vegetables, Roommate and I will be cooking a lot more this summer. She made pizza dough last night, so our first cooking adventure of the summer was homemade pizza! We threw a little of everything on the pizzas, so it felt a little like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Taste Test. Our pizza included the arugula, spinach, scallions, basil, and oregano from the box, and bacon, garlic, and pickles from our kitchen, but thankfully no hot fudge!

Before shot

After shot!

Photos are courtesy of Roommate’s awesome little sister, L.  Next week she promised to bring her fancy camera and take more artsy fartsy pictures.

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