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On how beets look suspiciously like mice.

December 13, 2011

We’ve moved to the city. Yes, Roommate and I are living the urban life in Chicago proper, which has brought its own new, fun set of challenges. For the most part I feel we’ve risen to them and come out stronger on the other side (see: living in a 4th floor walk up and my new awesome thighs). But there are some things which we have not quite come to terms with yet.

Some things being unwanted guests. Unwanted guests being bugs and mice. R won’t come within five feet of a big bug, instead choosing to vacuum them up. (A fun experience at 3 in the morning!) Ants have become a common occurence. But the worst is our fear of mice. Last week R thought she saw one, and woke me up from a nap shrieking. Mouse traps ensued, but we have yet to catch Mickey and friends. I made fun of her all week long – didn’t she know she’s bigger than it?!

Today I was making dinner in the kitchen when I see a mouse laying in the middle of our pantry floor! R is not home, and I call my dad in absolute terror. The mouse is not moving. Hit it with a shoe, he says. I cower in fear and throw shoes at it instead. Push it with the broom to see if it’s dead, he says. The broom is BEHIND the mouse. I throw a frying pan at it.  Mickey does not move. I manage to get the broom and flip him over. It looks like it’s not moving.

Then I realize it has no legs. I flip it over a couple more times before I sheepishly admit to my dad that I think my mouse may have been one of the shriveled up beets that I dropped out of the fridge this afternoon. Whoops. They had been in the fridge since one of our last CSA deliveries about a month ago. Our fridge has shriveled them to the point of inedibility, and I had been cleaning out the fridge and trying to carry too many things at one time. My mouse was, in fact, a beet.

The "mouse" in question

I love to cook. But the thought of sharing my pantry with something that may be gnawing his way through my cereal boxes gives me the heebie-jeebies. This time, thankfully, it was just a beet. I’m still going to practice my frying pan throwing, just in case there is a next time.

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  1. sthor permalink
    December 13, 2011 3:25 pm

    That does look like it could be a mouse!

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