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August 7, 2012

Establishing new habits is a difficult thing to do. I’ve read that it takes over 20 days of consecutive action to establish something as a habit, good or bad. I struggle with that, big time. Right now I’m trying to start two new habits, one temporary and one long term.

My temporary habit is blogging for August Break. I’m a very infrequent blogger, so I’ve taken the break’s daily photography as motivation to write at least a little something each day for the month of August. Will I continue after the month is over? Who knows, but I’ve made it to day 7! (I almost forgot today. Waaaay too much Olympic excitement! I’m in just before the deadline!) Only…24 days to go!

The other habit I have been trying to pick up is making my bed and straightening my room up each morning. Anyone who knows me a little bit can tell you that I”m a clutterbug. I often say I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached. There’s something calming about making my bed in the morning. It’s not a big thing, but I feel it cuts the visual clutter in my room in half. And my comforter is pretty, so it’s nice to look at!


If you’re looking to start a good habit (or maybe a bad one 🙂 ), I’d suggest you peek at Zen Habits’ article on flossing. I found it relevant to my goals, and a pretty good reminder that I need to floss, too!

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