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Fox Tuesdays! – a preview

August 26, 2012

This is the only picture I took today. I’m having trouble remembering to take pictures every day for August Break. It’s probably good that the month is almost over.

I spent my night at Fox’s preview of their new Tuesday night shows, Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project, at AMC River East in Chicago. I was impressed by the whole thing – we got free popcorn and pop! and a nice tote bag with free swag, including Mindy post-its! – and for the new shows. I’d heard really good things, but neither show disappointed.

I’d struggle to label Ben and Kate a true comedy – there were some laugh out loud moments (loved Ben trying to keep it PG in front of Maddie in the car!) – but it was a good bit dramatic too. I liked the family dynamic and the relationship between Kate and Ben, though his love  for his ex seemed a bit rushed. I think it’ll really come into its own with time to expand on the characters, especially some of the tertiary ones who were really funny!

The Mindy Project lived up to my expectations and more! I was happy to see cameos by some of Kaling’s comedian friends, and I hope they’ll (or others…BJ Novak???) have a larger part in the future. In the Q & A later they touched on it (super awkwardly!), but I can definitely see the potential for a love triangle between Mindy and the two hot doctor men. Favorite line? “You are a rapist of peace and quiet.”

After both the shows there was a Q&A hosted by my favorite, favorite recapper and Fringe Fairy, EW’s Annie Barrett. I kept waiting for her to break out into analysis of her damages or Maks’ ass, but it was fun to watch her try to wrangle a whole new cast of characters. I thought New Girl got a whooole ton of screen time, which surprised me. Seeing as it’s their most popular comedy I thought they’d use the time to feature the other shows more. But LOVED Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton, and I had no idea Nat Faxon was an Oscar winner!

I’m most excited for the return of Raising Hope, and I’m disappointed that it’s not back on until later than the other three comedies. But I am definitely looking forward to Fox’s new Tuesday line up!

RH is back on October 2. B&K, New Girl, and TMP premiere Sept 25th. Check out the cast Q&A here, and look for Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project on Hulu starting tomorrow!

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