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March 4, 2014

I’ve always been a positive person. Glass is half full to the point of annoying my friends and co-workers with my upbeat attitude. But this dreary weather that continues its stranglehold on Chicago? Demoralizing. Even my normally chipper self has been struggling with finding the silver linings. Most days I can persevere, but I find my  glass is half full of yellow snow.

So when I recently learned about 100 Happy Days I was stoked. I knew this was the project to reverse my winter doldrums. The premise is simple: take time to appreciate at least one happy thing that happened in your day. snap a photo. post to your [social media platform of choice] with the hashtag #100HappyDays. watch the awesome things pile up.  Try it. It only takes a minute or two at the most, and it helps refocus your day on something happy.

I’m only on day three. I’ve spent my days anxiously awaiting Pączki Day, and celebrating visits to friends and my old stomping grounds in Chicago. But if the anticipation of fun or beautiful or energizing or delicious things I know are coming has already improved my mood, I look forward to the awesome things of days four through 100!


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