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Killer Butterflies?

August 22, 2012

I am 25 years old. There is no sane reason that I should be afraid of butterflies, and yet, here we are.

I went to the Butterflies and Blooms exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Garden with my mom today, and it was gorgeous. Butterflies in all kinds of crazy colors – my favorites were blue. I caught one mid-flight in the picture of my mom’s hat! – and they were beautiful. Except they were terrifying.

Little, little kids and tons of adults were all around me, calm as can be. And there I was jumping every time a butterfly ran into me! Despite my being a super big wimp, the exhibit was awesome, and the staff there was incredibly knowledgeable. There was even a display of hatching butterflies! The exhibit is in its last weeks, but if you have the opportunity, you should definitely go.

Butterflies & Blooms runs through September 3 (10a to 5p daily, weather permitting.) at the Chicago Botanic Garden, 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, IL 60022. Tickets for purchase at exhibit entrance, but Garden members are free on Wednesdays!


Black Bean Tacos

August 21, 2012


Finally! Back to the cooking! I’ve been lax lately with cooking, let alone posting about it. Today I finally made something worthwhile… (last night too, but I forgot to take a picture of Deb’s zucchini sauté. It was, as always, spectacular.)

Another recipe from Deb, which I tweaked based on my preferences and what I had on hand. So pretty much the entire recipe – minus cilantro.

Smitten Kitchen’s Black Bean Tacos (with cabbage and carrot slaw)

It was a great way to use up cabbage that has been keeping the fridge cold for too long. Quick lunch / dinner in a pinch, and I was surprised how much the beans bound everything together!

In the moment

August 20, 2012

I hate doing the dishes. Normally I resist until the very last moment, when the sink is overflowing. Eventually I crack, plug into Pandora, and crank them out. I often end up resenting the dishes, how they got there, and the fact that I’m doing them at all. Then I read Leo Babauta’s post about An Intentional Life.


Tonight I plugged into some Summer Hits of the 90’s (my new favorite Pandora station, if you’re looking for something to listen to),  but I also tried to enjoy the calmness that cleaning my kitchen brought. It’s never going to make me like doing dishes, but at least it’s a start.

Air and Water Show!

August 19, 2012


Today was my first visit to the Chicago Air and Water Show! It was thrilling, if a bit loud at times. (Understatement of the year. On at least two occasions I got a crick in my neck from panicking over the deafening noise. Comical, no?) My favorite parts were the parachuters, the gorgeous day, and my churro on the way home!


August 18, 2012


The thought that summer is almost over saddens me! Chicagoans appreciate our seasons so much more because of the extremes we go through. I’m choosing to live my summer to the fullest! Tonight I visited one of the city’s street fests, and enjoyed egg rolls and my favorite summer beer!


August 17, 2012




August 16, 2012

One thing I’m always meaning to do is read more. Sure, I use the internet for most of my day, including work, but rarely do I just sit down to read in peace.

It’s nice to just sit down with a book or magazine, maybe some breakfast like the other morning or a beer, and silence. I think it really refreshes my soul.

Tonight it’s the two latest copies of O. Hopefully something more substantive soon, but, y’know? This is pretty good too.